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this drama would’ve been better if they didn’t force ideas down our head but rather convinced us of those, especially when it comes to the love lines. regardless of the last episode, i felt episodes 9-19 were pretty much pointless >___<
*nods, then weeps* Yes I agree as well.  And maybe that’s why this “Spy” aspect really didn’t work in this drama’s favour.  They made Jae Hee  out to be this intriguing role of a spy/doctor, and that means secrets. Lots of secrets.  But that’s all she was all this time for 3/4 of the drama’s run - a MASSIVE secret.  We didn’t know what she was doing, who she was doing it for, and why.  We always had that sense of doubt.  I know some people didn’t question Jae Hee’s motives, and always believed in her, but I needed that reassurance in the beginning.  

At least I got to see 19.5 glorious hours (I stopped halfway in the last episode) of Lee Jong Suk.  So to me, that’s more than enough.  

"Who do you think I am? Tell me! Who do you think I am?"


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This ‘feeling nothing’ for who is with who is the worst thing ever. I don’t suffer, and I am not happy either.. is like an “I don’t care anymore”. Because I feel that all these episodes to finish right were we started is just… a waste of time~
Yeah.  I said it before and I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter what the ending is cause the story failed to capture me at all.  If our characters are happy, then that’s great.  Shame that I am unable to feel that happiness with them.  
I read a great comment on Dramabeans about this drama failing to show us the important plot lines/events.   What’s been happening thus far are characters just saying it and we’re forced to believe that whatever is said is true. But sometimes you convey an emotion more by showing it.  Less talk, more action, and I couldn’t agree more with this drama. 
I have yet to watch the last episode, but I heard it makes the middle episodes (episode 2/3 - 18) pretty much pointless…?

Dr. Stranger - Thoughts

I don’t want to expect anything from the last episode, but I’ll just point out the one important fact; and that fact is no matter how happy, or how sad it may be, I don’t think I can muster a muscle in my heart to feel anything for it.

Consider Jae Hee and Park Hoon. I mentioned before in a previous recap that even though they were written as canon, I still cannot appreciate their love for one another. Shame, really. If they just peeled the many complex layers to Jae Hee early on and had a more proactive Park Hoon, then yes, maybe I’d appreciate this ending. But pacing was never this drama’s forte, so even if they end up together I won’t appreciate it as much as I should.

Another thing was this mission. This diluted confusing mission. Now that we finally got answers here in this episode, it feels not much of an impact does it?

And Soo Hyun and Jae Joon. Just ahhhh. Both were intriguing characters from the start too, but just like Park Hoon and Jae Hee, it would be too late to even bring them together in the last episode. Could you even appreciate their reunion as a couple? Probably not, because Soo Hyun only had eyes for Park Hoon, and it seemed Soo Hyun never wavered from that.

So it’s a shame that they couldn’t make a perfect well timed resolution for any of these characters, cause we’re left with a short quick stitch up of an episode (ha) to save a country, kill a spy, and reunite couples.

It also perplexes me a bit to see some people still fighting over who ends up with who. I’m confused a bit to see that because no matter who ends up with whom, I still won’t be able to feel anything. I won’t be able to because the time meant to invest in that love and relationship should have progressed between episodes 2-18, but it didn’t. There was nothing but secrets, and denials. Nothing but maybes and whatifs. How can you appreciate any of their relationships, when one of these characters were acting solely on one of these factors? That, and they were flip-flopping over their decisions and feelings? I can’t. I guess their relationships and feelings they felt would make more sense if we understood why they acted a certain way, and why they did certain things…but too late for that, I’m afraid.

I guess I”m happy they were able to have this all resolved in one episode, right before it ends…? That, and I love Park Hoon/mom moments, so yes those were a plus.

I’m just waiting for Comrade Cha to go all “What Happens in Bali” on this drama (omg will he?!), followed by Chang Yi (where’d she go?) who finally gets the job done and shoots him a million times (plus one more, for reassurance lol).

But it was fun to see Lee Jong Suk again on the small screen. I loved watching this man and his many expressions, and the lengths he went to make his role look and seem more believable to us. He made this drama for me. Just agh he never disappoints, and I’m so happy he never faltered with this drama. (Totally off topic but he got real toned and fit this time round - like whoa he’s fillin those tanks more than he did in IHYV!! Yes i’m thirsty for some Jongsuk abs don’t judge lol)


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