F. Scott Fitzgerald, “A New Leaf”


[Photo] 30/08/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ Milkcow FanSign

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Secret Door First teaser

Why did the father kill the son?
The father who needed power
The son who wanted to be a subject
Will he die as a criminal
or will he leave behind hope?


Byun Wooseok in ESQUIRE, June 2014 (cr: imagazinekorea)

Why are you worrying in advance about the hard times I might face? Don’t do that. Why… because of a disease that didn’t occur yet, why do we have to be sad, be despaired, or cry in advance? We can cry when it actually happens.

I don’t have the right to love you.


Surplus Princess’ Parody of G-Dragon’s Crooked

 Ahn Jae Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Jong Hyun & Hong Jong Hyun for Vogue Korea’s September ‘14 issue


Joo Young - Call You Mine 

Joo Young don’t do this… his voice is crazy good and the mere sound of it has my panties dropping.  *abuses replay button*