Hideaki Takizawa


Tabitha Suzuma, Forbidden


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Lee Jong Suk @ Doctor Stranger Stills
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TVN’s The Three Musketeers Characters


Yeo Jin Goo - bnt International July 2014

Majo No Jouken Episode Guide

Title: 강남역 4번 출구 (Gangnam Station Exit 4) (Feat. Sean Lee 션리 & Dain 다인)

Artist: 플라스틱 (Plastic)

Played: 280 times

KBS Drama Specials - Jealouscoffee’s faves

After watching some of the KBS Specials on their Youtube page, here are my favourites thus far. So if you’re interested in watching something quick, short and sweet (or you’re just in a drama slump), then check these out!  The ones starred are just my faves/biases/actors I lurrrve :D

  1. The Reason I’m Getting Married 
    Hong Jong Hyun*, Park Hee Bon, Song Jong Ho, Kim Ji Won
  2. My Prettiest Moments
    Lee Jong Suk*Jun Ye Seo
  3. My Dad Is A Nude Model
    Sung Ji Ru, Bang Eun Hee, Bae Noo Ri
  4. Adolescence Medley
    Kwak Dong Yun*, Lee Se Young
  5. Waiting For Love
    Daniel Choi*, BoA, Lim Siwan*, Kim Ji Won
  6. My Friend Is Still Alive
    Jun Soo Jin, Lee Ki Kwang
  7. Your Noir
    Chansung, Chae Jung Ahn
  8. Nara’s Rain
    Jung Eun Chae, Yoo Min Kyu*
  9. Came To Me And Became A Star
    Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min

I haven’t forgotten you. When I see you again, I will protect you.”

hope. excitement. realization. disappointment. frustration.